The eXirc Project

The eXirc Project is a project about the free IRC client called eXirc and its related components. This project is part of the X-Base.


The eXirc Project consists of the components listed here. Details for each component can be found at the respective sub page.


The new IRC client eXirc based on .NET technology.

The community version of eXirc. Aimed to be offered by communities to provide easy and fast IRC access to their members.


The new eXirc updater based on .NET technology.


Program that is used by the community to customize to their needs.


Program that the translators use to do the translations for their language.


The style editor to create, edit and manage styles used by eXirc and

Shared resources

All projects more or less share the same resources. Their respective pages here will directly link to their area within these resources, this page will only give an overview.


The subversion repositories for each project are at Usually they don't allow anonymous access, you need to get an account from xOR to access them.


The forums can be found at, each project has its own sub forum there.


The X-Base Wiki can be found at Each project has its own area there.


TestLink is a software to manage software tests. It can be found at

Bug tracker

X-Base projects are using Mantis as bug tracker. It can be found at


IRC is being used for communication with and between staff members. Currently the channel #eXirc is being used both at the official QuakeNet IRC network ( and at the internal IRC server found at